Posted in Life as Bianca

A Choice to Be Single?

***A satirical take on my single lady experience externally and internally.

Friend: “Bianca, I am going to a year off. I am going to be single for a year.”


Me Internally “Excuse me!?!”

I am bewildered at the thought that “Miss ‘I can get anyone I want'” just wants a break.

Try being single for 27 years. No prospects.

You think I chose this!?! I know myself really well yet nothing.

I would like to take a break from being single. Take a year to date.

I am quite the catch. Pretty, smart, driven, a Christian…what’s not to like.

But I don’t want to ┬ájust have short-term flings.

I want something meaningful.

So I will wait again..wait for the right one.

Be single. Again for another day, another week, another month, another year.

A choice I have set for myself.


Externally telling my Friend: Yeah girl. You do that. Take that time for yourself. Single life is awesome.

And I move on…





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