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Oh Hey..What My 2022 Was Without Blogging

I know, I know…BIANCA WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL 2022!?!?!

Well..I can explain. My last post was October 2021. So it’s been a while.

I was under a rock of busyness, despair, uncertainty, anxiety, and all the inner turmoils of life. I honestly did not have the desire to post anything. I never wanted to be that blogger who pretends to write glamorously when my heart is not in it. I was just struggling.

2022 was a lot of soul searching, taking inventory, and reevaluating life. I just needed to take a step back. I did not have much creativity flowing through me to draw, paint, or write.

Though I was not writing, every now and then, I would get a WordPress notification that someone read my work. It made me feel good even on my tough days.

Well life update: I am back in school. I’m getting my second graduate degree. That was never on my 2022 Bingo card. I thought I was done with school but God works in mysterious ways. I am marrying two worlds: law and psychology. I am studying to be a therapist.

I found a new passion. Wow!!

So my dry spell has changed. I’m not going to lie. I had major anxiety about going back to school and being an old student (in my early 30s). My 17 year old self would be shocked that I am still in school (I thought I would have my education before 30). SURPRISE!

I’ve just been working on myself. I’m ok. I’m in therapy and centering myself through God’s truth.

2022 was just a lot of character building. The older I get, the more I am reclaiming my worth and value. Don’t get me wrong I had good days and good moments this year. I just needed to be still and not do too much.

My hope is that I regain my creativity and tap back in to writing. With my busy schedule, I have to be intentional so we will see. But I did want to say hello after a year and some months apart.

Being blissfully yourself does not happen without hard days and moments.

Take a breath (or several). Allow yourself space to feel what you need to feel. Ask for help. Once again, breathe. Speak real truth to yourself. Affirmations are great. Just keep going.

I’m learning more and more that no one can take care of me better than I can.

So my friends, take care of yourself. A new year is on the horizon and each day is a new opportunity.

So I was great to write to you all again. Have a Happy New Year!




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