Monday Motivation


After 23 years of school, I am in my final semester of law school. My last first day of school EVER! Almost the end of an era and I am terrified. I am heading into classes, then Bar prep, taking the Bar (in February), finding employment, and living life as a 27. I am scared but ready for this life-changing season. I am really doing something brave. So if you are scared, be brave. It’s ok to have fear but don’t let it overtake you. Don’t sit in your fear. Take a leap of faith. Lurch into your success no matter the tribulations. Be brave; you will thank yourself in the future..




Happy One Year!!

It started with many people saying I have encouraging words to uplift and my positivity is refreshing…but one person told me you should blog… “I would read your thoughts and words of encouragement.”

So on an August afternoon turned into asking general vague questions on Facebook about me starting a blog, researching the pros/cons and nuances of blogging, seeking advice from my circle. After contemplating, I answered the call.

Now a name…after word searches, asking people, and throwing out names…and a day to mull over my decision, Blissfully Bianca was born.

In this year as a blogger, I have seen my words have power. I have connected with beautiful people from around the country and around the world. I am still learning as I go but the best is yet to come. My year as a blogger has not been solitary  but a great community of friends.

Thank you all for viewing, liking, commenting, giving me feedback, and giving me a platform. Love you all!!




Nostalgic Bliss

After high school comes college. College was another life changing phase. My grainy journey consisted the following: changed my major a few times, took time off, yet had great memories, and graduated. I would not change my journey for anything.

  1. Your foundation of faith is vital as you navigate freedom you have never experienced. I did not have my parents telling me to go to church, read my Bible, and be set apart. I had the choice to give up on Jesus but my dad always told me “You can never go wrong with serving God.” Something told me not to let Him go. Thankfully, I was involved in Christian groups and was involved in a local church. My campus pastor, Ken Jones & his wife, Janet Jones, played a great role in my spiritual growth.
  2. School> Boys. Sorry, not sorry. I went to school for degree. Granted I did want a boyfriend but marriage was waaayyyy down the road. I knew that I wanted a career and to be someone.
  3. If you don’t find your spouse by graduation, it is  not the end of the world. I remember the constant pressure of people telling me I met my spouse at this event, this spot, this campus, etc. I got annoyed because it was not happening to me. I was not going to graduate with a spouse. But then I realized that I was graduating with a degree..that is so much better than finding a spouse.
  4. Know what you want and don’t apologize to those who don’t apply themselves. There will be the lazy ones who will want to discourage you and bring you down to their level but stand your ground.
  5. Love what you do. 
  6. Ask help before its too late. It’s ok to be a beginner. Asking for help does not mean that you are weak. It just means you are willing to be better.
  7. Enjoy college.  It was so much fun and I would not trade my experience.




Believe In Your Purpose

God is leading me…TO WHAT!?!

My biggest pet peeve is people who are willy-nilly who don’t have a plan, who choose to be lazy, or who just float hoping for an opportunity.

God is a God of ORDER, not disorder. He executes his plan in His timing. He is not messy but has purpose with each step.

Commit your way to the Lordtrust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, your vindication like the noonday sun.-Psalm 37:5-6

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him-Psalm 37:23


Call to Action:

  1. Pray for direction and guidance from the God of Order. God will give you the daily steps but you have to be obedient in those steps.
  2. Commit to something and stick with it. It will be hard but you have to fight and have grit. 
  3. Don’t play God. You will not know all the steps but some of the steps.


Finally, you may have the plan but God ultimately control the means and the ways. In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.-Proverbs 16:9

Moral of the Story: Don’t be a willy-nilly. Be better. Do better. God believes in you and made you for a purpose. Live according to His purpose for your life.




Monday Motivation


I can relate to this.  I feel a prickle of fear and inadequacy almost every day. I can stress over all my inadequacies all day but what will that do? Know you that you are one person. You are a human being. Do the best you can. Your best is your best. If anyone has a problem, then tough…you have done with you can.




Blissful Phrases Single People Wish Married People Would Stop Saying

We know our family and friends mean well but really!?! If we needed your help and guidance, we would ask. Singlehood is not a sad place if you don’t wallow waiting your soulmate. I live a wonderful fulfilling life as a single person. God’s providence has not lessened or changed because it’s just me.

I asked some of my peers the words/phrases they tire of hearing:

  • Oh, I’m sorry.
  • *Asks my age*… You should be married.
  • You know that’s usually when God brings the right buy along
  • It will happen when you least expect it
  • Why aren’t you married?
  • You’ve got plenty of time
  • That’s a shame. You’re such a lovely girl 
  • You’re not getting any younger. If you wait too long you won’t be able to have kids.
  • You’ll find the right one and just know 
  • God has His plan for you, just wait it out
  • If you don’t settle, you’ll never have kids
  • Your standards are too high.
  • A degree is nice but it can’t love you back.

Your delivery of constant criticism of my relationship status is discouraging and flat out annoying (sorry not sorry). Family and Friends, like I said we know you mean well. If we wanted someone, we would say something.  Instead of pitying and criticizing your single peeps, why not ask us about:

  • What are you up these days?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is new in your life?

Single people have lives. We are interesting too. We just want you to love and RESPECT where we are. That is all.




Believe In Your Goals


It seems like it will never occur.

A goal seems unreachable and impossible.

But with each step, the glaring radiance of achievement shines.

Hard work, dedication, and resilience.

The goal becomes a reality.





Nostalgia Bliss: High School Edition

With the school year starting, I wanted to reflect on the life-changing seasons of my education. I will start with high was quite an eye-opener. Here are some lessons I wish I knew but am glad that I learned later in life.

  1. High School is temporary, not your final destination. There is life after high school. You can be who you want to be. Trust me, my dorky self thought that I could never surpass the hierarchy of popularity. High School popularity is temporary. Only four years… I am better off making something of myself as an adult. Look at ya girl now.
  2. Don’t envy the “beautiful, popular people,” you don’t know what they had do to get where they are. I wanted to be liked and be like them. Their lives seemed spicy and fun…parties, boyfriends/girlfriends, high school elitism. I just lived the mediocre high school life. But you know what? Looking back, I was just fine. No need to envy the beautiful people because I am better off now.
  3. Have a quality group of friends, not a quantity of acquaintances.
  4. Be yourself. Easier said than done but I just needed to be Bianca rather than pretending to be something that I am not.
  5. Chorus saved my life. It was the one part of high school that made me smile. I looked forward to singing with my classmates. I would relive those memories over again. A special shoutout to Mr. Greg Smith for teaching to me sing, for teaching me about leadership (was section leader sophomore year), for teaching me to be a good human being. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I would not be the person I am today without your dedication.

So that is my reflection of high school. What are the lessons high school you reflect on?




Monday Motivation


It is easy to rush through and be anxious for the next step. But God calls us to walk according to His will. You will not amble around without purpose. God is using every moment and situation for His purpose. He will provide the means and ways. Follow God’s guide. Easier said than done but you can never go wrong.