Blissfully Bianca is my love letter for you to feel loved, encouraged, and challenged to blissfully be who you are and who God designed you to be.

Blissfully Bianca is a unique inspirational space where I discuss my perspective as a Christian, as a woman, as an African American, and as a first-generation American. I use the Word of God as fuel to encourage, inspire, and uplift people in the good times and bad times in life. I use my life experiences to give a word to the wise.

I’m your best friend with an old soul. I’m your friend who has a good word to tell you. I’m your cheerleader and challenger.

My blog started as an outlet to do what I love: uplift people. I decided in a world where critics discourage, disenfranchise, demand, and depress people,  I will create this space for refreshment. I also started this blog to display my artwork and future projects.

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Join me in this journey.  And thank you for reading.