Blissful Art by Bianca

Hello Bliss Fam. This is my Artwork Page. I love to express myself through different mediums (i.e. acrylics, watercolors, pen and paper, anything else that I am use). I am learning not to keep my creations to myself but to share them. I am on an art journey and am still discovering my voice and what I can make. Enjoy what you see and give me feedback. Follow me on Instagram @blissfulart_by_bianca.



A mini-project of florals. I love flowers.

This was a centerpiece I made when I started law school. A connecting tree with God’s Words that pertain to the season I was going through. I wanted them to connect which explains the asymmetrical style to resemble a branch.

Words have meaning so why not put it in color!?! Love these sets I made a few years ago for my sister when she had her bone marrow transplant. It was the motivation that got her through.

The slideshow shows different scriptural canvas that I have made as gifts for family and friends over the years. This was in the early days when I was just discovering acrylics.

Before the pandemic, I create a mini-collection, “The Bloom Series.”