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I’m Not Your Token Black Friend


I usually I don’t think of my race until someone points it out.

You are the nicest black person I have met.

You are well-spoken for a black person.

You’re not like those other black people.

I’m not a racist..I mean I’m friends with Bianca.

It almost seems we became friends because of my exterior rather than the interior. And there have times I have been an excuse for ignorance. Like they permit themselves to use my name to “save” their behavior.

It’s not like I say I have “white, asian, (fill in the blank) friends as prize of diversity. I chose to see character over countenance. I don’t make friends based a diversity checklist. I am not your exception to your ignorance and stereotypical bias. I don’t want to be your “only black” friend in an argument. Can’t I just be your friend!?! It makes me question your intentions and character. So stop. Stop using my skin color to make a point.




2 thoughts on “I’m Not Your Token Black Friend

  1. Yes, yes you can be my friend. A little story: I once dated an Asian guy back in the 70’s in high school. Someone actually had to tell me he was Chinese. LOL! That is how far I don’t look. It doesn’t or should not matter and society should have come forward much more than we have.


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