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Black Music Appreciation Month: #blackgirlmagic

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It’s all about the ladies this Monday. These are the female artists that I am presently listening to.


A #blackgirlmagic who is about the music and the message. Gorgeous from the inside out and talented beyond measure. With the guitar skills of Prince to the smooth cool of the late Aaliyah. Grammy-winning artist, H.E.R. has my undivided attention. I love her self-titled EP is so smooth, sexy, and soulful. My favorite songs are Focus, Best Part (feat. Daniel Ceasar), and Let Me In. Her musicality transports me and she is #blissfullybiancaapproved!

Award-winning EP


A #blackgirlmagic who is not ashamed of her body and soul. Lizzo rises above the norm and refuses to conform to any size. She is loud and living her best life. She is so empowering. She is on my running playlist. She has been on the music scene for a while but recently discovered her. She definitely has the “Juice.” She is #blissfullybiancaapproved.

Ella Mai

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A beautiful #blackgirlmagic who is poetic with her lyrics and is just real. Grammy award winning artist, Ella Mai is awesome. I love her album. It is chill with a glass of wine album. Her collaborations are also great. And she has some spoken word in some of her songs. She got me boo’d up. She is #blissfullybiancafavorite.

So who are some new #blackgirlmagic artists you have been listening to?



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Black Music Appreciation Month: The Divas

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When I was growing, it was not necessarily about the singer but about the artist, the persona, the music. A true musician with the craft, class, and talent to shine was a DIVA!

These women were diabolical and undeniable. I wanted to honor the women who were the DIVAS and still maintain that title. These black women empowered and influenced me. As a black woman, negative stereotypes dehumanize our experience. I have heard it all. But seeing women who looked like me performing on grand stages and audiences made me believe in my own abilities as a singer and as a person.

Diana Ross, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Ella Fitzgerald, Natalie Cole, Etta James, Gladys Knight, Anita Baker, Donna Summer, Lauryn Hill, Sade

It’s a small list but a DYNAMITE LIST! Of course, I will be giving you a playlist.

The Divas Playlist

Any DIVAS you love? Any songs a DIVA has slayed your life with?



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Blissful Past Favorites for Black Music Appreciation Month

June is Black Music Appreciation Month. Before I give what I am listening to now, I want to remember and honor the legends who defined the industry.

I am dividing my playlists of the past. I know I am probably missing artists and songs so feel free to comment.

The first playlist I have from before I ever existed…like grown folks music. I grew up on Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5, Lionel Ritchie, and Stevie Wonder. And it just grew over time. My parents heard their songs from when they lived in Haiti and first came to America. Other artists I discovered with time but still love. This playlist covers the 50s to the 80s. Enjoy!

The second is the 90s and the ’00 of black music including some of the same artists from the previous list. This is my childhood and teenage playlist. It is LONG (190 in counting)!!! The nostalgia is so real because I remember the CDs I purchased, watched MTV, VH1, and BET (when they actually played music videos), watching Making The Video, and beyond. Some of these artists started or took off when I was young. But this playlist is LIT and ALL THAT!

Best Playlist I’ve Made

So this honors my past. I will go into adult years with what I am listening in the coming weeks.



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Life As It Is Playlist

I wholeheartedly believe that music can match any emotion and any season of life. I am in the in-between off season of life so music has been a driving force to empower me.

So here is my playlist in my current season:

  • As-Stevie Wonder
  • Oh Child, Things are Gonna Get Easier-The Five Stairsteps
  • Working Day and Night-Michael Jackson
  • Juice-Lizzo
  • Bohemian Rhapsody-Queen
  • Higher Ground-Stevie Wonder
  • Just the Way You Are-Billy Joel
  • My Tears Dry On Their Own-Amy Winehouse
  • My Way-Frank Sinatra
  • My God-Nashville Life
  • Religion-PJ Morton feat. Lecrae
  • Alright-PJ Morton
  • Instagram-Dean

It’s a great range from different eras but that is the wonderful part of music: the fact that it is timeless. So what are you listening to? Any songs or playlist you are listening to?



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A Blissful Favorite

So fun story, my sister is involved with a great non-profit in Atlanta, Songs for Kids. It provides music therapy to children with serious diseases. My sister benefited from this non-profit while she went through her bone marrow transplant four years ago.

Please check out this awesome non-profit program in Atlanta.

During the week of the Super Bowl, an artist came to the Songs for Kids center in downtown Atlanta to sing with the kids. I had a prior engagement so I could not go with my siblings.

The artist just happen to be PJ Morton, one of the members of Maroon 5. My sister got to sing with him and she said he was a pretty, cool guy and sounded like a modern day Stevie Wonder.

Oh course, I was curious and wanted to hear his music. BOY WAS I AMAZED!

If you can think of the greats Stevie Wonder and Lionel Ritche, this is a version of them. PJ Morton, a Grammy-winning artist has grit, soul, musicality, and depth with his Gumbo Unplugged Live album. He is more about the music than the repetitive tricks music can be nowadays. And it shows!

Here is a little taste! Check it out!

My favorite song from album is Claustrophobic. It aligns with my Values Series because the song is about being who you are. The music industry, like society, wants to put you in their box and want to classify you. In spite of Morton’s experience with the scrutiny and criticisms of the LA music scene, he went back to basics in New Orleans, where it all started. He wanted to be authentically him. For me, this song speaks to me because you have to decide how you want to live.

Don’t give others the right to dictate your life. Be you. Be true to you.