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“I Thank My God For” Reader’s Choice: Music Playlist

I wanted to share my love of music by giving a playlist of thanksgiving. I hope you are encouraged and lifted. This new playlist is called Blessed, Grateful, and Thankful. I centered the repertoire towards Christian and Gospel music. God’s love flows His love and blessings on us. It is also important to give honor to God for His goodness. Enjoy, Bliss Fam.



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Blissful Conqueror Music Mix

To lighten the intensity of my Conqueror Series, I made a Conqueror playlist on my Spotify. It’s a mix of series genres: R&B, Christian, Gospel, Worship, and Pop. The theme is empowerment, joy, overcoming, and kicking obstacles in the butt. Enjoy!!

Tell me your favorite empowering song that makes you feel like a conqueror!



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Blissful Favorites: Books

I did get to read a little. My schedule will be busy into the Fall and Winter BUT I did want to share two great books.

Image result for more than enough book

More Than Enough: Claiming Space for Who You Are-Elaine Welteroth

Talk about quotable, thriving, and empowering! There is more to the story than the headlines and hype of the second African American editor-in-chief and youngest editor-in-chief in Conde Nast magazine history. Elaine Welteroth shares her journey to editor-in-chief and beyond. I could not put this book down. I neglected sleep to read more because I saw myself in these pages. Trying to navigate in a professional world as a female of color, she openly shares her struggles of balancing work and play, love, the industry, health, and many other facets of her life. It is quite inspiring. It dares you to climb higher and dream bigger. It’s a blissful favorite too.

Image result for dear madam president

Dear Madam President-Jennifer Palmieri

Highly recommend this book for driven lady hustlers who want to make a difference in their homes, community, and world. I read it in one sitting. Trust and believe, it’s hard to be a woman in a male dominated field where being assertive is being too emotional, where it is better to be silent than speak, where we should smile all the time, and the like. It’s just hard to be taken seriously sometimes. The author was the former White House Director of Communications in the Obama administration and was the Director of Communications for then-presidential nominee, Hilary Clinton. This book is not a political ploy but an empowering challenge to the future female leaders and I believe…the first female president. I don’t believe that will be me but I do believe that this is a book for the female hustlers. It gives encouraging words and practical steps to keep in mind moving up in this world. A Blissful Favorite!!!



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Blissful Favorites: Must Listen Music

I am always down for good music that can send me to another place. It’s not just about the beat to me; it is about the musicality, the message, the voice, and everything in between! My favorites are worth listening to. All are BLISSFULLY BIANCA APPROVED!!!

PJ Morton-Paul

Image result for pj morton paul

Cool, groovy, and lit. I have already sang the praises of PJ Morton in prior posts but this album is really awesome. The features are very perfect. I mean these people can SANG (except for Angela Rye…she speaks). I appreciate his musicality, his message, and his soul in giving a story with each song. My favorite songs are Ready, Practicing, Built for Love, and Say So.


Image result for yuna rouge album cover

This is my first time introducing Yuna. She is a very beautiful soul with a voice similarly to Sade. She is subtle and modest yet soulful. She is a Malaysian artist that I discovered on Youtube; she did a duet with Usher called Crush (LOVE)!! She is definitely underrated but she has musicality and inner beauty that radiates in each song. My favorite songs are Black Marquee, Castaway, Likes, and Pink Youth.

H.E.R.-I Used to Love Her

Image result for h.e.r. i used to know her

I have talked about H.E.R on multiple occasions. And I STAN her (pun intended). She is authentic and truly about the message rather than the commercial look. She is raw and real in her lyrics. She speaks her truth in this album. She can PLAY and SANG so well. She deserves all the awards. My favorite songs are Carried Away, Fate, Racks, Could’ve Been, Hard Place, Lord Is Coming.

So what are you listening to? I am open to suggestions on underrated, under-appreciated but awesome musicians and artists. So let me know.



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Blissful Favorites: R&B Favorites

Recently, I have been in a music trance with R&B reminiscent of 90s and early 00’s R&B. Like I grew up with Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo, Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild, Erykah Badu, and many other smooth voices. Pretty much the Golden Age and last of grown, quality R&B music I felt I could gel with. I still listen to R&B of those decades but there have been a recent repertoire of R&B that is cool, fresh, and musically pleasing to ya girl.

So the artists I have encountered that have rocked my world.

Photo by bruce mars on

Ari Lennox

She is cool, sexy, grown, sultry, and just melanin goodness. The first female artist of J.Cole’s record label, Dreamville adds something special to music. I love her singing and spoken elements to her songs. She makes it personal and real. There is some language…it’s grown folks music. But it is worth listening to.

Danielle Brooks

The Orange is the New Black actress can SANGGGG!!! The only sad thing about her EP is it is short. She is so soulful and so real. My favorite song is “Black Woman”. It is real and raw about all the facets having melanin. Definitely a blissful favorite!


I discovered Nao on Tiny Desk Concerts. Her voice is out of this world. It is angelic, extraterrestrial, and just WOW!! She has ranges and her musicality is amazing. Her style is¬†electronic music, funk and R&B. But it’s still great. Her recent album is definitely on repeat for me.

So if you enjoy R&B music, you should listen to these ladies. I discovered them and it has been great enjoying the musicality and soul of these artists.



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Blissful Favorites: Youtube Channels

Since I don’t watch TV much with a busy life now (who knew!?!), Youtube is an outlet to enjoy clips. Subscribing to a channel is a BIG STEP. I must really love the content enough to get notifications on my phone constantly. I wanted to share my blissful favorites. Youtube will not embed the pages on my post but the I gave the page titles. It is a variety of channels so feel free to check it out.

Living Big In A Tiny House

This is a recent discovery. I was never really into the tiny house craze and was skeptical about it. UNTIL Bryce Langston opened my eyes. He goes around the world discovering people who have tiny houses and gets to tour it first hand. It’s like an MTV Cribs series (#tbt) for tiny homes. It’s not necessarily just about the homes but about the stories of the people. They come from all walks of life and it is truly something to watch.

NPR Music-Tiny Desk Concerts

I feel like I am an adult now because I LOVE NPR! But Tiny Desk keeps me coming back. It’s pretty much a concert behind a tiny desk at the office of NPR (pretty self explanatory). There are artists with great musical talents who shine from all genres. There are new artists that I discovered through this channel. I highly suggest checking out the series and get a taste of real, authentic music.

Comedian Shuler King

I love to laugh. Like I could get stomach cramps watching this comedian. Shuler King makes me laugh and laugh. Though it is less than 5 minutes, you will feel better. He pretty much gives his commentary on different pop culture clips. You will enjoy yourself.


A new series I discovered that pretty much shows different artists on a colored background performing. All different shades of colors that reflect the mood of the song and artist. Really great artists from different genres. I have discovered many great songs and artists from this channel.

Prince Tai

Another comedian who is a singer who captures the “black church experience.” I grew up in that atmosphere for most of my childhood. It’s too short but I relate it. It is purely comedy so don’t take it too serious. It’s all fun. ***And fun fact: I met Prince Tai when I worked as a poll official in the mid-term elections. He is very sweet and kind. He even took a picture with me.***

Role w/ Cole and Chrisma

Love conquers all limitations. First saw the story of Cole and Charisma on Facebook and fell in love with them. They are an interracial, interable couple. Cole is wheelchair bound while Charisma is able bodied. They met while Cole was getting treatment at a physical therapy facility. They are truly sweet and genuine. You see their lives as they navigate the world together. Any questions or inquiries they talk about it. It’s nice seeing another person’s world outside my own. It is a great channel with perspective, fun, and love in the mix.

SurajFine Arts

A great channel of a talented artist who does abstract art with great techniques. It starts from a couple drops of paint into a masterpiece. It is crazy how organic he paints. And the classical music background is a plus.

What are your favorite Youtube channels? I hope you give these channels a chance. You will not be disappointed.



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A Blissful, Book Favorite

Image result for Ashley Graham book

Author and Model, Ashley Graham takes us, the reader on her journey and transformation as a model living beyond the norm. Her movement, #beautybeyondsize is just that: loving yourself. She is really honest and forward like your closest friend giving you tea and LIFE.

She was a young model from Nebraska to a New York model ( I mean Wilhelmina and Ford, #abigdeal #modelingagencygoals). Graham talks about her struggles and temptations with food, relationships, the modeling business, and many other things. You see the growth in her story. I don’t want to spoil the book for you because YOU HAVE to read it.

My favorite theme of the book is her lessons of self-worth and self-love. She does admit that she had to love herself for herself. Not using her body or status as weapon but as empowerment and value to herself, her brand, and to benefit girls and ladies alike. To be comfortable in who you are. Another theme I love is how she created her brand instead of sticking to the “norm” and the “model” for plus-size models. She is a hustler and entrepreneur, looking beyond the temporary modeling career to becoming a true brand.

I STAN Mrs. Graham. I STAN this book. It is a blissful favorite!



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Black Music Appreciation Month: Melanin Men I Listen To

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My Melanin Men that make your girl get in her feelings.

Anderson .Paak

Image result for anderson paak

Musicality, showmanship, cool, and groovy is how I describe his soulful sound. I discovered Anderson .Paak on my “recommended videos” area of my Youtube channel after watching H.E.R. on NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert. He is like a Maxwell with jazz drum techniques. His own NPR Tiny Desk Concert is one of my favorite. His new album, Ventura is an artistic journey that you will love. My favorite songs are Come Home (feat. Andre 3000) and Make It Better (feat. Smokie Robinson). Anderson.Paak is #blissfullybiancaapproved.

Daniel Caesar

Image result for daniel caesar

A beautiful, soulful falsetto with the smoothness of D’Angelo. His voice is out of this world. I discovered Daniel Caesar on the radio singing Best Part feat. H.E.R.. I was like…I need to be in love to dance to this song at my wedding. He is a special, neo-soul artist. I love both of his albums, Freudian and Pilgrim’s Paradise. My favorite songs are Best Part, Blessed, Take Me Away, Japanese Denim, and Violet. I made a Daniel Caesar Playlist of the albums and other singles below. He is definitely #blissfullybiancaapproved.

P.J. Morton

Image result for PJ Morton

A cool neo-soul, musical master is PJ Morton. I posted a blissful favorite of his album, Gumbo Unplugged (Live) a couple months ago. I have his album on repeat. He is a part of Maroon 5 but he branched out and it has paid off (Grammy-winning paid off). His collaborations are great. It is truly good music which is hard to come by. My favorite songs are Claustrophobic, First Began, and Go Through Your Phone. He is #blissfullybiancaapproved.



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Black Music Appreciation Month: Melanin Male Legends

I want to honor the male legends of music who talk about love, loss, change, the world, and being black. I made a special playlist of the classic male artists that I grew up with who are still very relevant today and inspire me.




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Black Music Appreciation Month: #blackgirlmagic

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It’s all about the ladies this Monday. These are the female artists that I am presently listening to.


A #blackgirlmagic who is about the music and the message. Gorgeous from the inside out and talented beyond measure. With the guitar skills of Prince to the smooth cool of the late Aaliyah. Grammy-winning artist, H.E.R. has my undivided attention. I love her self-titled EP is so smooth, sexy, and soulful. My favorite songs are Focus, Best Part (feat. Daniel Ceasar), and Let Me In. Her musicality transports me and she is #blissfullybiancaapproved!

Award-winning EP


A #blackgirlmagic who is not ashamed of her body and soul. Lizzo rises above the norm and refuses to conform to any size. She is loud and living her best life. She is so empowering. She is on my running playlist. She has been on the music scene for a while but recently discovered her. She definitely has the “Juice.” She is #blissfullybiancaapproved.

Ella Mai

Related image

A beautiful #blackgirlmagic who is poetic with her lyrics and is just real. Grammy award winning artist, Ella Mai is awesome. I love her album. It is chill with a glass of wine album. Her collaborations are also great. And she has some spoken word in some of her songs. She got me boo’d up. She is #blissfullybiancafavorite.

So who are some new #blackgirlmagic artists you have been listening to?