Fight for Your Life!

Fight through the sludge of adversity.

Yes, bad things happen to good people.

Yes, you will get discouraged, overwhelmed, and disappointed.

But that does not mean you stay there.

You fight the good fight.

Keep moving forward.

Keep persevering.

You will get there.

Just don’t give up.




The Skies Are Changing

On the horizon of a new beginning, the atmospheric skies are changing .

The blueprint you anticipated has flipped.

What you desired is not what is in store.

The strategy has changed but the goal is unchanged.

It may seem like failure but as you look up, the sun shines brightly.

The skies are changing but God is still saying “I am still rooting for you.”

You look down to earth, look inside yourself, and move forward.

Heaven is working on your behalf.




Living Life

Have you ever had moments where you are just mentally and physically worn out? Like you are just tired and numb to everything? You go through the motions but you are still numb?

And suddenly there is a HONK! A loud sound to shake your entire being.

You wake up! Your body surges with life and action. You are motivated!

A honk can be the wake-up call you need to keep going and keep fighting.

So friends, keep going and keep fighting.




Affirm and Believe

It is easy to say what is going wrong and get worried.  It is easy to to say “I wish this and that.” It is easy to see and envy another’s “wonderful life.” I say this because my mind swirls just like this. So I have to tell myself, STOP. You are only destroying your progress and growth. Don’t grow faint and lost in what you don’t have. You  know what you and I need to do? You and I need to be thankful for the good. There is potential in and around us.

Affirm what you believe is true.

Yes, affirm how far you have come. Affirm the good in your life. Affirm your progress. Affirm that fact that you are alive and breathing on your own. The key term is AFFIRM.




Believe In Your Well-Being


Fluff is NOT needed except for desserts and pillows.

I have learned it is important to be selfish especially if it has to do with your well-being. I know I am being redundant but it is vital to take care of your mind, body, and spirit. 

When you have your standards, keep them. Don’t let it waiver.




Believe In Yourself

Your identity was created and formed by the Creator of the Universe.  Let no one tell you otherwise.  You have purpose. Yes, you evolve with life experiences. You grow for the better, not for worse. A different season may require a different version of you but never lose your essence.

Personally, when I moved to Jacksonville and starting a new chapter in law school, I promised myself to not be swept away. I wanted to still be Bianca..but a better version. I did not want my faith in God to waiver,  lose my morals and values, and lose my personality. God fearfully and wonderfully made me genuine and set apart. I am still Bianca but I am a better version not a different version.

So I encourage you to change, grow, and thrive as a better version of you. You are wanted and you are strategically placed on the Earth for a reason. Never lose who you are.




Blissful Words of Truth

Me Too” may seem like two words.

But to many people, it was facing and conquering fear.

Whether it was a day or years ago, the pain and scar exists.

It was probably risky and scary to admit.

But you are not alone.

I say:  “Me Too.”

BUT, you and I are stronger than what tried to break us.

Our voice matter.

Never stop telling your story and speaking your truth.

Fear will not have the final word.




Empowerment Over Fear with Bianca

Fear is a strong word. Fear is crippling word. It will always exists because we are human. BUT fear does not have to define you as long as you don’t let it

I LOVE quotes if you don’t already know. Here are several quotes I love the combat fear.

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

“Let your faith be bigger than your fear.”

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are to your comfort zone.”

“Those who dare to fail miserably can achieve greatly.”-John F Kennedy

“Courage doesn’t mean you don’t get afraid. Courage means you don’t let fear stop you.”

Let these words on encouragement inspire you. Yes, you can live in your comfort zone for the rest of your days but what fun is that? I am not saying you need to bunge-jump or skydive off a cliff. I am saying to challenge yourself in your work, school, family, and relationships. Is it your attitude you need to change? Is it taking that tough class or starting a new career? Is it leaving a toxic relationship or friendship? What is it? Don’t be tame. Look inside yourself.

Don’t let fear cripple you into your comfort zone. You will live a life with regret and not intent. 




A Blissful Motivation for Change


Whether it’s a big leap or a step in the right direction, you have a daily opportunity to live.  I love this quote because it is true. You can change your life by a single decision. If you are not six feet under and not in a hospital dying, you are doing pretty well.  One life on one planet in a moment in time. Know that you have purpose. So what change will you decide to do?




Believe and Obey


Disobey the fears that cripples.

Disobey the doubts that define your thoughts.

Disobey the ones who limit your greatness.

Disobey the societal norm, stereotypes, and expectations.

Obey God, Obey your soul, Obey…