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Why A Sacrificial Love

Why save those who say “Crucify Him!”

Why save someone not worth saving?

Why not?

A sacrificial love no could express

The image of Deity and perfection

The imperfections of humanity

The virus of sin creating darkness

Torment and pain from the lashing and beating

The weight of Cross crushing His body

The anguish from the nails piercing His flesh

The outcry of mercy and forgiveness for humanity for we don’t understand what we do.

The Father looking away for Only Son was in pain, crying out to Him

The completion of prophesy: It is finished.

His Spirit surrendered to heaven.

Why all of this?

Why suffer?

Why not?

A tomb with the One who died

Silence on the earth for three days

Hope seemed lost

But Jesus ROSE!

The tomb was empty

Death lost, Jesus prevailed

Eternity with God is guaranteed

The salvation is blessed assurance.

Hope is found.

But why all this?

Because why not.



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