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The Greatest Lesson of 2019

The greatest lesson of 2019: Be open to God’s redirection.

I am a planner at heart. I am a reformed perfectionist. I am quite type A but am trying to let go of the reins some.

Since graduating law school, I had this grand plan of independence that would take less than six months. Well that was in 2017. God has stripped away all my “expectations.” As my plans started to fall, my anxiety went higher, I felt hopeless, and I became bitter.

But it was not until this summer where God woke me up. I heard a message about bitterness that brought me down to earth. My bitterness was preventing my breakthrough. Me. My perfectionist, type A self was preventing my blessings. I was not allowing God to direct me. I just wanted to be established and well off…with my plan.

After much prayer, God used my family, friends, and mentors to reveal my lack of contentment and my bitterness. The truth was t I was holding on to my law school season and wanted more. God gave me the season and I had to let it go. So I surrendered it for good. God was going redirect my life in this season of adaption and adjustment.

I started appreciating my blessings more while waiting for the next step. The more I let go, the more God could work through me.

God’s redirection is not easy. It is a daily surrender. I do not know what tomorrow holds. I do not know what 2020 holds but God will redirect my steps as He has done time and time again. And I will be open and ready.



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