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My Christmas List

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Well if you MUST ask…

  • Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves-Glory Edim (book)
  • The Water Dancer Ta-Nehisi Coates (book)
  • Small Doses: Potent Truths for Everyday Use- Amanda Seales (book)
  • Tough Love- Susan Rice (book)
  • I-tunes Card
  • “Blessed” ring (James Avery 8)

Since toys are not of interest to me, books are like candy to me. I had to narrow down the list of books I wanted. I like to give options just in case something cannot be found. I love music so I started asking for an I-tunes gift card instead of asking for individual CDs (plus I hear CDs are not cool anymore). James Avery is actually a jewelry store I love. I have gotten a ring from there since 2014 so they know me there. Usually my Christmas lists are hard to come up with since I am so busy so I just started making notes months in advance if there was something I liked that I could not buy. But that’s my list.

What’s on your Christmas list?



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