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I Thank My God For My Blissfully Bianca Fans

I thank my God every time I remember you.-Philippians 1:3

This post is for expressing my love and gratitude for you all reading. I just wanted to thank you all, My Blissfully Bianca Family (aka Bliss Fam) for your comments, likes, viewings, and sharing.

I thank my God for giving me this platform to share and spread the Word of Jesus Christ while expressing the freedom of blissfully being who God made you to be. You give me such life and joy.

Writing has given me therapy to let out things I am feeling. When I was younger, I wrote in journals and diaries to express my feelings. I have a problem of holding in my emotions and pain but there is relief in knowing that I am not alone. By writing, I found an outlet.

I am always surprised when my words impact people around the world and people take my words in. I enjoy what I do because of your love and support. I just wanted to let you all know that.

Hugs from Yours Truly. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



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