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Blissful Favorites: Must Listen Music

I am always down for good music that can send me to another place. It’s not just about the beat to me; it is about the musicality, the message, the voice, and everything in between! My favorites are worth listening to. All are BLISSFULLY BIANCA APPROVED!!!

PJ Morton-Paul

Image result for pj morton paul

Cool, groovy, and lit. I have already sang the praises of PJ Morton in prior posts but this album is really awesome. The features are very perfect. I mean these people can SANG (except for Angela Rye…she speaks). I appreciate his musicality, his message, and his soul in giving a story with each song. My favorite songs are Ready, Practicing, Built for Love, and Say So.


Image result for yuna rouge album cover

This is my first time introducing Yuna. She is a very beautiful soul with a voice similarly to Sade. She is subtle and modest yet soulful. She is a Malaysian artist that I discovered on Youtube; she did a duet with Usher called Crush (LOVE)!! She is definitely underrated but she has musicality and inner beauty that radiates in each song. My favorite songs are Black Marquee, Castaway, Likes, and Pink Youth.

H.E.R.-I Used to Love Her

Image result for h.e.r. i used to know her

I have talked about H.E.R on multiple occasions. And I STAN her (pun intended). She is authentic and truly about the message rather than the commercial look. She is raw and real in her lyrics. She speaks her truth in this album. She can PLAY and SANG so well. She deserves all the awards. My favorite songs are Carried Away, Fate, Racks, Could’ve Been, Hard Place, Lord Is Coming.

So what are you listening to? I am open to suggestions on underrated, under-appreciated but awesome musicians and artists. So let me know.



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