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Blissful Favorites: Youtube Channels

Since I don’t watch TV much with a busy life now (who knew!?!), Youtube is an outlet to enjoy clips. Subscribing to a channel is a BIG STEP. I must really love the content enough to get notifications on my phone constantly. I wanted to share my blissful favorites. Youtube will not embed the pages on my post but the I gave the page titles. It is a variety of channels so feel free to check it out.

Living Big In A Tiny House

This is a recent discovery. I was never really into the tiny house craze and was skeptical about it. UNTIL Bryce Langston opened my eyes. He goes around the world discovering people who have tiny houses and gets to tour it first hand. It’s like an MTV Cribs series (#tbt) for tiny homes. It’s not necessarily just about the homes but about the stories of the people. They come from all walks of life and it is truly something to watch.

NPR Music-Tiny Desk Concerts

I feel like I am an adult now because I LOVE NPR! But Tiny Desk keeps me coming back. It’s pretty much a concert behind a tiny desk at the office of NPR (pretty self explanatory). There are artists with great musical talents who shine from all genres. There are new artists that I discovered through this channel. I highly suggest checking out the series and get a taste of real, authentic music.

Comedian Shuler King

I love to laugh. Like I could get stomach cramps watching this comedian. Shuler King makes me laugh and laugh. Though it is less than 5 minutes, you will feel better. He pretty much gives his commentary on different pop culture clips. You will enjoy yourself.


A new series I discovered that pretty much shows different artists on a colored background performing. All different shades of colors that reflect the mood of the song and artist. Really great artists from different genres. I have discovered many great songs and artists from this channel.

Prince Tai

Another comedian who is a singer who captures the “black church experience.” I grew up in that atmosphere for most of my childhood. It’s too short but I relate it. It is purely comedy so don’t take it too serious. It’s all fun. ***And fun fact: I met Prince Tai when I worked as a poll official in the mid-term elections. He is very sweet and kind. He even took a picture with me.***

Role w/ Cole and Chrisma

Love conquers all limitations. First saw the story of Cole and Charisma on Facebook and fell in love with them. They are an interracial, interable couple. Cole is wheelchair bound while Charisma is able bodied. They met while Cole was getting treatment at a physical therapy facility. They are truly sweet and genuine. You see their lives as they navigate the world together. Any questions or inquiries they talk about it. It’s nice seeing another person’s world outside my own. It is a great channel with perspective, fun, and love in the mix.

SurajFine Arts

A great channel of a talented artist who does abstract art with great techniques. It starts from a couple drops of paint into a masterpiece. It is crazy how organic he paints. And the classical music background is a plus.

What are your favorite Youtube channels? I hope you give these channels a chance. You will not be disappointed.



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