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A Blissful, Book Favorite

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Author and Model, Ashley Graham takes us, the reader on her journey and transformation as a model living beyond the norm. Her movement, #beautybeyondsize is just that: loving yourself. She is really honest and forward like your closest friend giving you tea and LIFE.

She was a young model from Nebraska to a New York model ( I mean Wilhelmina and Ford, #abigdeal #modelingagencygoals). Graham talks about her struggles and temptations with food, relationships, the modeling business, and many other things. You see the growth in her story. I don’t want to spoil the book for you because YOU HAVE to read it.

My favorite theme of the book is her lessons of self-worth and self-love. She does admit that she had to love herself for herself. Not using her body or status as weapon but as empowerment and value to herself, her brand, and to benefit girls and ladies alike. To be comfortable in who you are. Another theme I love is how she created her brand instead of sticking to the “norm” and the “model” for plus-size models. She is a hustler and entrepreneur, looking beyond the temporary modeling career to becoming a true brand.

I STAN Mrs. Graham. I STAN this book. It is a blissful favorite!



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