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Black Music Appreciation Month: #blackgirlmagic

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It’s all about the ladies this Monday. These are the female artists that I am presently listening to.


A #blackgirlmagic who is about the music and the message. Gorgeous from the inside out and talented beyond measure. With the guitar skills of Prince to the smooth cool of the late Aaliyah. Grammy-winning artist, H.E.R. has my undivided attention. I love her self-titled EP is so smooth, sexy, and soulful. My favorite songs are Focus, Best Part (feat. Daniel Ceasar), and Let Me In. Her musicality transports me and she is #blissfullybiancaapproved!

Award-winning EP


A #blackgirlmagic who is not ashamed of her body and soul. Lizzo rises above the norm and refuses to conform to any size. She is loud and living her best life. She is so empowering. She is on my running playlist. She has been on the music scene for a while but recently discovered her. She definitely has the “Juice.” She is #blissfullybiancaapproved.

Ella Mai

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A beautiful #blackgirlmagic who is poetic with her lyrics and is just real. Grammy award winning artist, Ella Mai is awesome. I love her album. It is chill with a glass of wine album. Her collaborations are also great. And she has some spoken word in some of her songs. She got me boo’d up. She is #blissfullybiancafavorite.

So who are some new #blackgirlmagic artists you have been listening to?



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