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Blissful Summer Survival List

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Summer is HERE! Time to put away sweaters and sweatshirts. Time to revive shorts, bathing suits, tank tops, dresses, rompers, and everything awesome. But you need a survival kit to thrive and still have your skin intact.

My list is actually what I use. It would not be blissful if I did not use it. So, heed my list and apply it to your summer schedule.

Aloe Vera Gel– I burn up internally in the heat. It takes hours for me to cool down. It’s almost like I want a bucket of ice to fall on me all the time. Aloe is a cooling anti-inflammatory plant that moisturizes the skin without being greasy. I used it on my last family vacation and it really did the job. It also helps with sunburn relief. It also provides Vitamin C and E which you and I need to survive the sun’s rays.

Hair Tie/Hat– It’s vital for ladies ( and men with hair) to have it. It gets hot. If you have hair, the heat can make you sweat. A hair tie is your lifeline. Also, if you have hair that cannot fit in a hat, a hair tie is an alternative tool to keep cool. A hat is great too and can be a fashion statement.

Sunglasses– Protect your eyes. I have prescription sunglasses. You don’t want to go blind. The sun can hurt your eyes and may cause you to have headaches. Plus, you can make it a fashion statement to go with your outfit.

Water– Stay hydrated. The worst thing is to be dehydrated. I keep a bottled water handy. Don’t wait till you’re on the brink of dryness. Take sips and drink more than one (speaking to myself).

Sunscreen– Believe it or not. People with more melanin need sunscreen too. I need higher SPF for my skin. So protect your skin at all costs.



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