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A Blissful Favorite

So fun story, my sister is involved with a great non-profit in Atlanta, Songs for Kids. It provides music therapy to children with serious diseases. My sister benefited from this non-profit while she went through her bone marrow transplant four years ago.

Please check out this awesome non-profit program in Atlanta.

During the week of the Super Bowl, an artist came to the Songs for Kids center in downtown Atlanta to sing with the kids. I had a prior engagement so I could not go with my siblings.

The artist just happen to be PJ Morton, one of the members of Maroon 5. My sister got to sing with him and she said he was a pretty, cool guy and sounded like a modern day Stevie Wonder.

Oh course, I was curious and wanted to hear his music. BOY WAS I AMAZED!

If you can think of the greats Stevie Wonder and Lionel Ritche, this is a version of them. PJ Morton, a Grammy-winning artist has grit, soul, musicality, and depth with his Gumbo Unplugged Live album. He is more about the music than the repetitive tricks music can be nowadays. And it shows!

Here is a little taste! Check it out!

My favorite song from album is Claustrophobic. It aligns with my Values Series because the song is about being who you are. The music industry, like society, wants to put you in their box and want to classify you. In spite of Morton’s experience with the scrutiny and criticisms of the LA music scene, he went back to basics in New Orleans, where it all started. He wanted to be authentically him. For me, this song speaks to me because you have to decide how you want to live.

Don’t give others the right to dictate your life. Be you. Be true to you.



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