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Love Yourself

The respect you want is the respect you allow.

My mom instilled in me that it is imperative that you love yourself first. No one can love you more than God and you. Know that you deserve love and respect BUT you decide how you receive it. When you know your value, you determine your outcome. You can be encrusted with good, solid people or bad people…it’s up to you.

If you allow disrespect, then you are the recipient of disrespect. If you allow respect, then you are the recipient of respect.

Stop disrespect at the start.

Establish boundaries.

Remove yourself from the situation.

Silence can speak louder than words.

In my life, by stopping disrespect to establish “Don’t cross me,” people back off or know I can’t mess with Bianca. You don’t need to waste your breath and energy on disrespect so silence and leaving the toxic situation is best.

So remember you are worth it.




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