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Saying Goodbye and Hello

When we finally reach midnight into 2018, remember a few things going forward:

1. Appreciate the lessons of 2017. God does not make us go through things without a lesson.

2. If you do a resolution, make realistic goals to challenge and make you better. Don’t just say lose weight or be healthy. Say you will take walks three times a week. Practical and easier to stick to.

3. Find a word, motto, or verse going into 2018. Mine is Be On It. With different areas of my life, I want to take control (with God’s help), take intentional steps, and go at it.

4. Appreciate what you have while working for what you want (awesome quote). May you enjoy the good blessings and make intentional steps for your goals.

5. Be easy on yourself. You are only person and there are 24 hours in a day. Intentional steps will not lead to perfection but progress.

Have a Happy New Year Everyone! May you be blessed and prosperous!!!




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