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My Changing Perspective

Your change means making hard decisions. I have found in my life that cutting people off or distancing myself from certain people support my change. I am really extroverted so I do not like losing people (“friends”). The older I get, more I want a quality of friends rather than a quantity of “so-called friends.” In good times and dark times, a person would want that circle of consistency and love. Right? Right.

Now I find myself guarding myself more. I have introverted tendencies now because I do not trust everyone. It is not a paranoid thing but an awareness of people and their intentions.

My first year of law school was hard because I allowed people to have their way with my thoughts, feelings and perspective. I made not have acted out ┬áthe way they did but my emotions affected me. I did not feel worthy or I had to work for people’s “favor”, I would be torn apart while those “friends” kept living.

When I decided to change, remove/distance myself, and guard myself, some people noticed. Some people did not even reach out to me whether by social media or by phone (granted they knew I was alive on social media but did not message me). Some just did not care. That is how you know who is with you. A friend loves at all times. An acquaintance just exists. I realized that I lived my life with acquaintances.

Now my change means discerning people’s intention. ┬áCall it picky and selfish but sometimes you need to be selfish. Be flavorful with your life but also with your choice of friends.

Be sure to surround yourself with true friends. Let your friends reflect the internal change you create.




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