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Blissful Lessons As Intern Bianca

My prayers were answered in May. I became a law clerk for a private firm in Jacksonville. In addition, I signed up to volunteer intern at Legal Aid. After a month as an intern, I thought I might share some lessons.

  1. Never underestimate your skills. I came in thinking I was going to do “legal work” because I thought that is why they wanted me. Then, the office manager said how I would be helping  with legal blogs and marketing tasks…WAIT WHAT!?! I was frustrated at first.  But I realized that in my interview, I said that I was a lifestyle blogger to stand out but who knew that my supervisor would find that as an asset. She published my legal blogs on the firm’s social media page so people are seeing my work. Alrighty!!
  2. Give your best work no matter what the task. So I did legal blogs my first few weeks and did some legal research for my supervisor’s website. But then I got a legal assignment. So the same time and effort I put into my blogs, I kept the same momentum in writing.
  3. Learn. Disclaimer **Just because you go to law school, it does not mean you are an expert in everything*** With my first legal assignment, I was learning as I went along. So you will always be learning on the job which is a good thing but that is a life thing. Since no one is perfect, we are all learning. You have to start from somewhere.
  4. Be flexible. Some days will be busy, some days will be slower but still put your best work and face forward.
  5. Get to know the people you work with.
  6. Have personality.  It is a balance. I am still learning that balance to be professional and not too sweet. That is why I suggest #5. Learn the dynamics before you “show” yourself. But always maintain politeness and never goes out of style.
  7. Try.

So this is life and lessons as an intern.




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