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Life As Bianca

img_3246It is easy to quicken the process of getting from Point A to Point B. At least I can say that for myself.

I am so quick to get to the destination that I do not experience and enjoy the journey.

When I do get to a certain destination, I look back and realize how awesome the journey was and how I did not appreciate that time.

Life is full of seasons, transitions, changes, trials, triumphs, and moments in between. It is important to know that you are where you are for a reason.

My favorite quote is “Bloom where you are planted.

A flower just blooms with time, water, sun, and patience. You can’t tell it to grow faster. Or add something to quicken the process. It grows in its own time.

This is a lesson I have continued to learn. I can’t quicken anything on my own. God has the ¬†ability to shift me wherever.

So I encourage you not to quicken what God has ordained. Just live for today. Enjoy and experience your life. You will bloom. But don’t forget to enjoy the seed you have been given.




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