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My Lenses of Life: The Invisibles


The prophesy of Christ has been revealed to prophets of old and kings. Great leaders like David and Joseph knew of the coming King that would surpass their reign. But you know what? The birth of the Messiah was also revealed to lowly, invisible shepherds who were watching their sheep on a dark night. An angel proclaimed the birth of the King to them because God wanted them to know this light and this truth. The point is Christ came for all, not just the people of status. He came to restore and save the invisibles: lost, the broken, the widower, the prostitute, the disabled, the foreigner, the weak.

Question: Have been kind to a janitor, a waiter, a person whose first language is not English, a disabled person, an LGBTQ person, a black person, a Muslim person, and a child lately?

I ask this because the world seems to turn a blind eye to the invisibles. Some people pity temporarily and “pray for peace.” Some find excuses to blame and point the finger at their faults. Some just say “Well they are going to hell.” And yet, some of these say “America needs to turn back to Jesus,” “there needs to be a revival,” and “Jesus come quick”

Jesus says to be the light. But, I do not believe He meant criticize the sinner and be better than them. Christians are not the Messiah. Jesus is the Messiah who came to world and revealed Himself as the perfect marvelous light to a lost and dying world.

I am not perfect. You are not perfect. He is perfect. Jesus allows us to be His light, to share the good news of Christ. Jesus came for all, not some. A local pastor said you cannot be the light without prayer, intentionality, and a heart of seeing people the way God says people.

God wanted the lowly shepherds to see the hope and reality of Jesus, the Messiah. He calls us to be the same. He calls us to love and recognize the invisibles, the people who are overlooked, under-appreciated, judged, persecuted, and mistreated. They need to know that they are loved and valued.

A kind word.  A smile. A handshake. It does not take a grandiose gesture to show the love of Christ. See God’s creation, pray for the heart and words to speak to people who are not like you, be intentional in showing love and compassion. But it starts with your heart. From your heart flows everything you do.

God’s heart was so full of love that He sent His Only Son to a dark world full of invisible people so that can know the hope and light that could restore and save.

That is the message people need to hear all 365 days of the year.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!



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